Thursday, October 21, 2010


I like my hibiscus bush in front of my house, which blooms year round. These bright blooms are always a welcoming sight as you are approaching the house. Hibiscus flowers suit my tropical themed garden with palms and bird of paradise.

This is a double variety, another favorite of mine.

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I am joining Cindy for Show and Tell.


  1. Your photographs are amazing! I'll bet you can cook up a mean dish in the kitchen, would love to try Indian food, but I'm a rookie and don't know what to order. I'm a vegetarian, so I would think I would have a lot to chose from. Any suggestions? I love your blog, Marcia

  2. Hi Marcia,
    If you are interested in Indian food and vegetarian food, please check out my book. This book is filled with vegetarian menus and table setting ideas.I do offer cooking classes. I know it is hard to travel to LA. My next class is about Thanksgiving side dishes with Indian touch.

  3. Happy Pink Saturday, Komali.

    I love hibiscus blooms, and this makes a perfect feature for your Pink Saturday post.