Monday, May 19, 2014

Garden tour 3: the patio

Welcome to my patio. After touring the garden and kitchen garden,  the visitors headed towards the patio to explore. The patio is the place where we entertain spring though fall. This is the place for alfresco dining and where we drink many cups of tea.

Right outside the kitchen door, I arranged the uruli with lord Ganesha. Garlands of marigolds hung from the roof of the patio to dress it up. 
I did stage the patio for the garden tour. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to photograph it during the garden tour. What a bummer!

Succulent living wall piece: the real show stopper of the event

Blood coleus and shrimp plant at the entrance

Pink bougainvilleas frame the outdoor kitchen

Another Ganesha outside the kitchen window. It looks like we have a Ganesha theme going on, doesn't it?

Martha Washington geraniums are my favorite

A humorous plaque in the garden for visitors to pause and smile

I grow lots of shade loving plants such as coleus here

Partial view of the patio this morning

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  1. Oh, how I would love to sit on that gorgeous patio and drink tea! Your entire garden is so lovely that I am sure the visitors, during the tour, did not want to leave. Thank you for sharing this. I know getting your garden to this point was a great deal of hard work!!

  2. As always, you amaze me with your plants & everything in your garden. I just finished my 2nd miniature garden this week...very addicting, I must say! Tomorrow, we are going to start renovating our hilly backyard. It's been almost 4 years since we've moved to our current house. I dream/wish/hope that my veggies-fruits-flowers will thrive like yours as we renovate. Whenever I see a garden post from you, my heart is filled with so much joy...xoxo

  3. Catching up on your blog. Your plants look very beautiful. Love the vibrant pink ones above your porch, lanai, veranda ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend


  4. How lovely! I especially like the succulent wall garden! HPS :)

  5. Very lovely!! You are blessed indeed!

  6. You have so much beautiful color outdoors. I adore bougainvilleas which we cannot grow here in Ohio. When I visited my daughter who lived in SCal for 7 years I was mesmerized by their beauty!

  7. Your flowers and plants are beautiful! Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. A gorgeous garden! What wonderful shares. HPS and please enjoy your weekend.

  9. Love that creeper in the corner with the red flowers.
    So she bought more flowers eh ?

  10. Love the big Ganesha!! Where can I get one like that! Lovely Garden