Monday, June 2, 2014

Entertaining with breakfast

Breakfast entertaining is the easiest way to get together with friends and spend a leisurely afternoon. Some of my friends hadn't had a chance see the garden after the garden tour. After a few requests for the garden tour, we thought it would be the nice to get together with a few friends to give a private garden tour  and breakfast in the garden. With breakfast entertaining, we can fuel up early in the day and  have the rest of the day to ourselves to tackle our weekend chores. 

The weather was perfect for alfresco dining.

Ginger-coconut scones. Get the recipe here.

Homemade granola 

Greek yogurt with pomegranate-berry sauce

Coffee cake

 Zucchini pancakes (making use of the garden bounty of zucchini) and assorted fruit juices and iced coffee

A fresh fruit platter is always a hit at breakfast

Women opted for a shadier spot on the patio

I keep some hats on hand in case the sun gets too bright. 

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  1. MY GOSH...I'm drooling again with your outdoor entertaining/garden post! I'm AAAHHmazed & blown away by the beauty of it all!!! xo-shiela

  2. interesting ! why do the men and women sit seperately ?