Monday, July 17, 2017

Summer orchard tour

My garden-orchard is constantly changing.  Whenever I  think I am done with planting trees, there is always one more thing to plant. Now, I've realized I should accept that I will never be done with the garden. There is always something to add or delete. I've decided that I have enough fruit trees (over seventy) in the orchard. Now my goal is to add a few flowering trees in the orchard to bring color in the spring and summer. In the fall, the ripening fruit provides plenty of color in the orchard.

Summer is the most exciting time in the garden. Everything looks so luscious!

This is the site from the side entrance

Fig tree is filled with candy striped figs

This particular apple tree never fails to produce a bumper crop year after year.


This corner is filled with avocados to the left, bananas, strawberry guavas and papayas

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  1. Hi Komali,
    you have a wonderful exotic garden. Love the figs with candy stripes :-)
    gretings, Johanna

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